If you are new to track days


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2011 Honda FN2
I have been tracking and entering events for way to many years now so my check list is as follows.

1 Check all fluid levels engine, radiator, diff, gearbox, brake pads , brake fluid . radiator overflow reservoir, brake and clutch and screen washer reservoir's.

2 All tyre pressures including spare as well as remaining tread depth.

3 I overfill the oil pan by app 1/2 litre as one needs to have enough lubricant around the oil pump pick up inlet under hi speed cornering.

FYI I also have fitted a baffled oil pan / sump as well as use FORZA FP3 pads as they have a heat range of Zero to 800 degrees which IMO makes then great for street and tack days.

PS I also monitor pad wear to ensure that they have sufficient pad material and more remaining for whatever event it is and will not damage the rotors.

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