ICE ideas ?

Renault Clio
Need ideas for ICE that can fit in an 02 clio dynamique, have purchased a single DIN already which is great, but i want to hook it up to some subwoofers or speakers throughout the car, as im not sticking with any of the stcok audio components. However, I want something that kind of matches my colour scheme: White bodied car, black rims, black and white interior, with some 'sky' blue details.

Thanks a lot :p

Also, do you recommend me going to a professional to make the installments ? and where do they sell the speakers/bass/subwoofers ? Cheers
well it depends if your planning on keeping the car for a while then spend some dosh and get it done properly, or give it a go yourself. i find you get these people that spend two grand modding there car and then 5 months down the line they sell it meaning that they lost money and spent all that time modifying for nothing lol. ive never been a big fan of modding a car when i first passed because what ever you modify your never get the money back that you spent on it., but when i turn 21 and get my 2 litre clio, then i will spend some money doing things to it as i know i will keep it for a long time. hope you get my drift lol
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