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Hi all, new to this forum but as alot of you are in to modding Seat thought I would try to do some home work on a project I am planning.
Ive got a Leon type R 225 as a road car and know what that goes like, I am looking at modding an Ibiza 20vt for stage rallying to replace my Mini clubman 1970 and 140bhp.
What I would like to know is what will a 34mm restrictor fitted close to the turbo do as regards power etc, this is a requirement in the regs, cosworths etc all have them & still put out 300+
I would also like to try and keep the same driveability as per the standard setup, ie no lag and then bang, yes I know that you can go to antilag systems but they are only useable on certain events.
Any Suggestions with set up or with `experts' in this area would be much appreciated
Thanks in anticipation

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Greetings and Welcome to TorqueCars My Friend! :)

Unable to help you directly with your question but someone will be along in a while to assist you with some answers.

Good luck ;)


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It looks like this thread is a bit dead in the water mate, I've got limited knowledge of the turbo housing but from what I know of it fitting a 34mm restrictor on the turbo of the Ibiza will limit it's power potential quite remarkably hence why most rally stages tend to use a more reliable turbo made more to purpose such as that in the scoobys or the evo's.

I'm far from an expert but in my honest opinion I don't think you would be able to make the trade off with both everyday drivability and put the car through rally stages with an Ibiza due to the amount of chassis stiffening you would have to do coupled with the engine mods required to achieve the horse power you are after.

Sorry I'm not of much use but it's a bit more of a specialist area with reagrds to your requirements! Good luck with the project though!
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