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Ok I don't have a diesel but I am thinking of a change due to running costs of my Golf. Now I don't know much about diesels and so what are the advantages and what are the downsides. I use a car for commuting so a lot of my driving is around town with the occasional trip up to the North east. I'd be looking for cheap to run cheap to tax and a good drive .

Can anyone help me out?
It's a buyer's market at the moment so plenty of choice. Give us an idea of your intended budget.

Diesel engines are very good at town driving in terms of fuel economy - the main reason is that there is no throttle.

As speeds increase the gap will close with similarly performing petrol cars but you really have to drive with lead feet to not see a fuel saving with a diesel motor.

Many diesels now deliver absolutely sensational performance. Sadly these aren't the most economical ones to run.


1. Cost (Strangely) - servicing is generally more costly than that of a petrol car. Ignore the manufacturers schedules amd cost projections - they don't tell the whole story. DMFs can fail and diesel engine produce such ridiculous amounts of flywheel torque that this is fairly common.

2. Non turbo diesels are to be avoided (although very few were produced much after 1996) - they're uninspiring to drive. So are most pre 2000-2001 which use indirect injection.

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