I need some help deciding what kind of car to get


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We'll i have been mainly drag racing with my truck but i want to get into track racing. I have been looking into the Audi S4 and other Euro cars but i am not sure what to choose. I have been also looking at some import cars. Can ya'll give me any suggestions because i will be new to this kind of racing.

Depends on the type of track you would race on. If it's a tiny track like Tsukuba, get a small front wheel car like a Civic or Golf, if it's bigger sized get something bigger, but how much money are we talking here?
I'm going to drop a good chunk of money down on a car anything 20,000 on down. And i'm looking for more of a RWD or AWD car. It's a pretty decent sized track. Not sure of the exact length though.
Get a 240sx with a blown engine and swap in an rb26, but if you care about weight distribution, get a vh45 v8 from the q45 and if you get good mechanics, you could do a twin turbo setup. It's been done before but it's still a rare swap, that's why I wanted to do it.
I looked up all that stuff. Won't run me to much and i know a guy that would do the engine for my car. All together it looked like it could run around 4-6k. Thats not to much money for that all to be done. :D

Is there any other suggestions?
Okay, what about a vq35de with the APS 1000hp twin turbo kit? Keep it in the Z or swap into a 300zx! Comes with all this for 9 grand:
* Twin GT30 Series Garrett dual ball bearing turbos (cable of 500hp each!!!)
* 5" Deep Vertical Flow Intercooler
* One of the most Advanced Return Fuel systems on the market today with (6) .......880cc injectors, 4 Bar Fuel Repssure Regulators, Twin In-Tank Fuel Pump with .......anti-surge housing, and billet rails.
* Twin 3.5" Down PIpes, TIG Welded

BUT, of course you would need hella reinforcements, but it's worth the look!
Another possibility instead of the vh45 is the modern incarnate, the VK45, or go extra special and do the VK56 from the Titan, but good luck making that a manual!
So your saying if i was to get a 300zx i could drop in the vq35de and be able to fit on that 1000hp turbo. It seems like it would be a tight as heck fit.
It's probably out of the price range of 20 grand to make the car usable, but I think it would fit okay. I like the 240sx better for some reason though, so I'd do the rb26 or a Nissan v8, the latter being significantly lighter.
We'll i really loved your ideas. But i will be going with a 330ci. Thanks for all the advice Misterholaman. I really appreciate it.
We'll i'm still kind of new to the tuning of a vehicle, but most likely get a performance kit for the engine, where it comes with all the parts i need to add on to the engine. I will do a body kit later. New exhaust system. But mainly i'm going to start with the engine before anything else.
You sound like a man with a plan. Post up a new project thread when you get it and keep us up to date with how it goes.
I am planning on doing that :D i got many projects ahead of me so. I'm going to start this Saturday on my truck and then progress to the 330ci
Still depends on which 3 series. If it's an older one I wouldn't waste the money since it'll be so hard to drive on all the planned power. and newer ones aren't worth the money. I stick by my choices, man.;)

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