I need help with aftermarket add ins



I have recently aquired a 2007 Audi A4 it's is a 2.0T turboed 4 cyl. And I have a basic understanding of cars. I'm looking for a programmer that will let me sorta choose from a sport mode and a fuel economy mode. I'm not very picky but I only have 500 USD and I do have time I'm open to different suggestions on how to get better performance for cheaper.
I'm not exactly au fait with Audi, but I can give an example of how my car is setup.
I have an aftermarket ECU fitted, Simtec (other ECUs are available), and then it was remapped to my car. There are two maps, one for more performance and one for less that gives a little extra MPG. I can switch between the two with my throttle and ignition (though it never leaves the performance setting because that's the point of driving an Impreza :lol: )

You'll need to find a supplier and mapper near you (hear in the UK that is usually one and the same thing). They should be able to talk you through everything.
Hi and welcome. Most 'sport mode' remaps, if done by a company that knows what it is doing, will provide both power and economy. Switching from one to the other is done, as mentioned above, by the right foot. A sport remap will improve economy if driven at the same speed and acceleration as before it was fitted. It will also provide more power when required.

However, some ECUs have the option of switching between maps. There are many companies out there supplying ECUs, so your best bet is to do some web surfing for options in your area.

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