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rover 45 1.8l s
I have a 2004 1.8l petrol k-series rover 45. I have purchased a top block of a 1.8l k-series zt-t. It has an uprated vvc inlet manifold and polished n ported head. I want to fit it all to my existing block. What do I need to make this possible???? I heard I need to fit longer rods but not sure. I am not wanting to fit the turbo,ecu or inter cooler yet. I hope this is possible and hope it wouldn't be easier to just bench build the whole thing. I understand that fitting the turbo n bits would require alot of work. But I'm not wanting to do that yet. So guys any feedback would be most appreciated cheers FB_20150216_15_46_32_Saved_Picture.jpg WP_20150214_16_49_19_Pro.jpg
I have read that the turbo engine has shorter conrods and different grade material pistons. Don't forget you will need to modify the nasp block for the oil feed and return for the turbo, believe this requires the block being drilled and tapped to take the appropriate pipe.
You want to turbocharge your existing engine?

The 1.8 turbo engine has shorter conrods and different pistons and cranks. In short, you cannot bolt all this up together without the 1.8 turbo engine internals.

The block casing throughout all K series are the same jusy different liners to change capicity. The 1.8 turbo black casing has an oil drain and the oil filter housing has a pickup line for the turbos oil supply. You will need 1.8 turbo pistons, conrods, crank, oil filter housing and ecu to be unlocked to be mapped. Z&F and can this.

Its a lot of work when its much easier to just buy a whole 1.8t engine. You can pick a decent one up of any MG/Rover forums or eBay for about £250.
You can just bolt the head on with the VVC inlet, as the 1.8T engines didnt use the actual VVC mech. Also, make sure the valves are changes to your current ones as the 1.8T valves are a bit longer

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