I have a Turbo install Question???

Australia Cessnock
VS crankydore
I haven't played around with turbo's much. YET. I was wondering if a turbo has to be mounted so close to the exhaust manifold/s or can it be set up futher along. I have a V6 and 1 turbo in my aresenal to RETRO fit. I picked up a TD05 which has been given an overizing. I am keen to use it for the V6 ecotech and was thinking to fit it down lower towards the Y peice, I have exractors and was thinking to put it between them and before the cat. The guy I bought it from says it is capable of putting out up to 400HP in the right setup. Orginal size of the ???"impeller"??? was 30\50 and now has a 50\70 inducer exducer plus an enlarged intake. Hope I have the termanology correct. I got this turbo and a second one which was still stock size for $150. which I thought was a bargain. Sadly the waste gate on one housing has a crack in it so it is more for spares. Hence I have 1 to use. ANy thoughts on this idea???
As a turbo is powered by exhaust gases, it will work anywhere along the exhaust system. However, as it gets further away from the engine, the exhaust gases get slower and colder and turbo lag increases.

If the location also increases the distance between compressor and intercooler more lag will result.

If you have no choice, then where it will fit is where it will go, but get it as close to the exhaust ports as possible.
Thanks. I may try to source a second turbo. My other idea was to mount it as belt drive but that would take alot of time and brain power to get it right. Itake it it wouldn't do to have a turbo on one side of the V6 and not on the other!!!

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