I had no idea - need to get out more.

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My apologies if this has been common knowledge to a lot of you, but I was driving alongside a big truck today in Central London and I noticed it had Stop-Start technology! When did this happen? :embarrest:
:lol: It was indeed today :)

Took me by surprise with the engine starting up and switching off like modern cars :amuse:
My Mini Cooper S does that. I was never told, so sitting at traffic when I lifted up the clutch after setting the hand break and putting the car in neutral and I thought the car has stalled some how!
I had stop technology years ago, my Nova would stall and cut out at every junction! :lol:

Try a carb fed 2.0 Montego :) they are the ultimate fuel saver - cut out during A road overtaking manouevres with clockwork reliability.

(And Davalav - allow me this please - it's hand BRAKE not hand BREAK. The latter is not pleasant !! )
didn't know about trucks having it ???
I too have had stop/start technology, more like stop, start having steaming coming out of ears and engine bay !!!!!
Yeah trucks have had it for a while.
Stop start tech is an annoyance if you ask me.
My Astra used to die when the clutch pedal was pressed before the car had fully stopped.

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