i dont know what should i do

new engine is a little extreme and quite expensive i would say especially for a 2008 model. definatley remap is it petrol deisel?? theres so much you can do to gain more performance but it comes at quite a cost!
thanks for your attenion
i have 1.6 105hp petrol engin
i need somthing to improve the hp to nerly 125 --- 130 hp
without changing my motor
and with minmal cost !!!!
i dont know if it is can be with minimal cost
definatley go with a ram air cone filter and remove the box you have.thatl maybe give you 2-5 hp extra you will notice the difference erm yeah the decent versions are worth going for dont go with the cheap nasty 50 pounders ul just waste you feul and ruin ur engine.ur looking about 100 pound for a decent filter. yeah and air in u wanna get more air out so maybe a de cat remove you cat or get a sports cat for your exhaust decent iridium spark plugs and decent set of ht leads spitfire ht leads are very good that a good way of squeezing the best out without paying loads mate all that could probo be done for few hundred. you will defo notice the difference and dont put come filter at the front of the grill mate cos ull only end up cleaning you filter twice as often as normal hope that helps mohannadk1
need alot more that a couple of hundred mate.

air filter will struggle to add much more than 2bhp - you will notice the noise more than anything else
cant use HT leads on these as their individual coils
decat again will cause issues unless you can code out the O2 errors.

youll need alot of work to get 25-30bhp out of it

remap, air filter and decat will see you probably just over 10bhp

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