Hydro handbrake.


mazda RX-7 FD3
Hey guys, so I've finally bought an mx5 and been tinkering with it, done all the normal stuff, cambelt/waterpump, plugs and general service with new discs and pads all round. But the handbrake is shocking. Now I know mot requires a normal handbrake to be fitted, so i was thinking of doing a dual calliper setup on the rear, one normal one and the other working purley from the hydro handbrake. Question is, how would i go about mounting the second calliper on there? I have access to a welder if thats needed and being its a project, im not in dire need for it to be done instantly.

Any advice would be brilliant :)
I have looked at this with regard to my build. My Elan is old enough to have a hydraulic handbrake so that was an easy job.

What are you trying to achieve? Will the existing handbrake pass the MOT? Are you looking to do handbrake turns with it?

Upgraded rear calipers with separate brake pads are available. Hi-Spec, for example, do them. This would make for an easy mod.


Welding lugs to the existing hub assembly would be tricky as it is probably cast iron.
Yeah, that would also work but you will need 2 levers, unless you can use one lever for both systems which would be tricky to set up, IMO.

I didn't suggest this, if asked, but quite a few of my friends simply fitted a hydraulic handbrake but left the mechanical bits in place for the benefit of the MOT tester :)
that's the way we used to do it when we rallied, just a master cylinder attached to the handbrake lever and plumbed into the rear brake pipe.
Ooo. Lovely, thanks guys :). I'm quite friendly with a tester, so it may not be an issue, but the main reason im after one is for the sport Old-git dont agree with lol. I'll have a word with the tester i know today and maybe order one soon :).
In that case a hydraulic handbrake will be an advantage. I don't disagree with it, just don't see the point of it. It is just as pointless as burnout competitions. However, if you are impressed by a lot of noise and smoke and aren't interested in going fast then this is the sport for you :)

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