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Honda Civic Type-R
Hi. I'm new to this forum and hope those of you with greater knowledge & experience can help.
I have a 2015 Honda Civic FK2 Type-R with 17k miles. It was initially remapped and dyno tested at 377.3 bhp and 331lb/ft torque. Since then it's had an Airtec intercooler and Eventuri air intake added. It's probably now running around 4-420 bhp. I'm now considering a direct fit hybrid turbo which could boost power to around 450+ bhp. I do not know how much the torque has/will increase by.
My questions are:
1) Can the stock clutch take this power? I accept that it will wear more quickly and will need replacing sooner rather than later.
2) Do I need to consider forged pistons and/or rods? I've heard that these engines are good for 500+ bhp but your input would be appreciated.
The car is not a track tool, just the occasional fast road car. Most of its life is spent commuting at 30mph!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Hi and welcome Phil |B

I have just sold my 400 hp turbo car on the left and bought a 2011 FN2 Type R Civic because I can't afford the turbo model like you have.

I see that you say that it is not a track car and generally tootles around in commuter traffic so I have to ask exactly why 420 hp is not more than enough grunt for you given that all that power is seldom if at all used ??

I would hazard a guess that the stock clutch should be fine unless you start launching it from standing starts and would think that the factory internals would be forged items BUT I suggest that you look further into that before decide to replace what may well be pistons and rods that are more than up to whatever power increases you have in mind.

I always had my car remapped on a dyno AFTER mods were carried out to ensure that the AFR's were safe.

What is the D C of your injectors @ WOT ?

What is the factory max boost pressure and have you tweaked this at all ?
Hi. Can't really tell what your old car was...looks a bit like a Mitsubishi Colt Starion (as they were called in the UK). FN2 is a fine car. We had the Type-S previously, which was excellent. Couldn't afford the FN2 CTR at the time.
The only reason for increase in power is for those times that I'm not commuting. Is it worth the money? No, not really if I'm being honest but I'm lucky that it's affordable to do it now.
My plan was to stop at the remap but I got the bug, so yes, I'm doing this the wrong way but, as they say, I've started so I'll finish.
I don't think the internals are forged but I will investigate. I've not seen forged pistons for sale but I have seen forged rods..(edit) Rods are forged, pistons are aluminium but have individual cooling chambers.
Again, I'll check the specs on the injectors but I reckon I'll need 750cc/min.
I believe the max boost is 1.7 bar and this hasn't been altered.
Thanks for the reply. Anything that can help me move forward with my plans is greatly appreciated. I love the FK2 and want to do things the right way from here on.
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