GSD in Focus

Cork, Ireland
Focus 1.8 Estate
Just a few words to say "hello" from 'GSD in Focus'

Current car!, 03 Focus Estate 1.8LX Dogvan. One (careful) owner ---- Merseyside Police.
Hobbies? err... cars and dogs

also a couple of classic MG's (neither currently on the road).

My previous car was a Focus Zetec 5-Door Hatch 1.8 Petrol (mention Focus 1.8 here in Ireland and every one assumes you mean Diesel!!) A lovely low miles car i bought from my cousin, so had a reliable history. Great car with plenty of 'poke' (my needs are modest!!), but a bit cramped for the sheps.

Reason for joining forum? looking for some ideas to slightly raise the 'go' of current car to match/or better that of the previous example.
Both cars have the same Zetec-E 1.8 115bhp engine, but estate is heavier, and higher miles too.

Looking for mainly diy options.
Not a pro, but did manage my own timing belt change last summer, so reasonably happy to get fingers dirty, but not crushed i hope.
Thinking along the lines of a new cam??

Maybe ----- Just a few words to say "hello" from 'GSD in Focus' ----- was the wrong opener ? :lol:

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