How was your 2008 car wise


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How did 2008 pan out car wise for you? Did things go well or was it a bit of a disaster?

My wing got pranged but I think this is offset with the 100% reliability I have experienced.
An error free year for me. However the high fuel costs were the only downside for me as I do 350 miles a week commuting. Happy days now as I paid 83p a litre today!

Did a few road trips and car shows in 2008 and finished it off with a stonking track day at Brands!
I didn't manage to go to any car shows, despite vowing to go to more than the year before. And the JAE was only 20 miles down the road!

I've swapped my insurance policy around all of my cars (three cars and I think four swaps). They get £25 extra off me each time.

Broke the carb on my Fiesta (carburettor - not carbohydates!), replaced it but haven't got round to tuning it - it's cold out there!

Blew up the cylinder head on the BMW.

Slightly fixed the Land Rover.

Drove my wife's Rover around...

Most of the time...

On account of the fact that I have a small fleet of lemons.

Might just get a bank loan out buy another one (lemon or car)!
apart from the slave cylinders going in the car, it was good, no problems

got a lot of stuff done through the year with it though, timing belt and suspension bushes were well needed

i also done small diy jobs, apart froming spraying lots of things, i fixed a few seals that were worn, rocker cover kit and a seal where the vtec solonoid is, and i had a leak in the radiator, but a can of rad seal fixed that, so all good, lets hope she goes well for 2009
This car year has been pretty good for me. Sold my Polo which did need a new throttle body (£400 but I didn't bother), windows which wouldn't go back up (again didn't bother) plus the clutch was on it's way out and the gearbox was pretty hopeless. Ended up selling for £2100. I could have got more for it but at the time the Engine Management Light happened to be out so I took what I could get for it plus my vRS was sitting in my drive itching to be used.

Then I got the vRS on the road which has been a dream so far. done over 6k in 5 mths, everyone of them perfect. It's due a service at 40k. As it's still under warranty I'll have to go to the dealer for it so it will cost more. The only potential problem I would have had with it was the door carrier seals which is a known fault which I've had sorted under warranty.
It didn't turn out as I wanted, that's for sure.

Engine was having a lot of issues that prevented appropriate mapping, and so the car season went by with me chasing parts and replacing them (fr example, I changed ECU three times). At the very end of the season we succeeded in getting the car drivable on public roads, but power is low and fuel consumption is high.

One issue still remains to solve; boost pressure. For the time being we'll get no higher boost than 0.6 bar, which is the maximum base boost pressure for the internal WG'. It's bound to be a vaccuum problem related to the EBC, but I'm confident we'll have it sorted by the beginning of this years season.

A freak accident also crushed my carbon bonnet (don't know how it happened), so I'll have the bonnet fixed and resprayed in the body colour as soon as I get round to it.
Upto august everything was fine, then i blew the fuel pump running pure viggie oil!!!
Cue a knackered pump, and major expense.

During the period i've had to give her a full belt replacement, as well as a replacement pump. She is now out of MOT/Tax, so more expense is looming. Have been able to do some modding tho, I.e fit my FMIC etc.

Hoping 2009 is much better, and hopefully less expensive!!

I sold my MR2 toward end of summer cos it was always pissing it down as it had the year before so I thought whats the point in a T-bar roof when I can never take it off. Then we had heat waves in September!! Typical! Was canny attached to the MR2 n all.

I beat the petrol costs though - moved house nearer to work, now do 8 miles total a day as opposed to over 40!! And Im fitter cos Im riding my bike :)
Jayne xx
I spent most of 2008 saving for the money for my 100R & waiting for it to be built. So I did a lot of travelling on public transport & cycling :amuse: I didn't take me long to get back into it though! :lol:
Mine was rubbish. Engine failure on a mondeo. Driveshafts, punctures. I've had alsorts go wrong. This years no different for me already with a turbo failure on my hands. But oh well thats what modding is all about. Over coming the problems you face.
car was smashed back in November other than that nothing really.

got started on my carputer install, set up some stuff on the wifes car.

was quite a good year apart from some idiot

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