How to use steel seal, head gasket repair ?


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Ford Focus mk2
I have a 2006 ford focus sport 1.8 TDCI (mk2) , It's had £2,000 on repairs in almost 2 years, I suspect a current head gasket problem, I would get it replaced properly but there appears to be several other major things possibly wrong so am not sure what to do.
anyway, 15 months ago chemical test indicated bad head gasket, however 15 months on the car still runs great, no power loss and no smoke, no oil/water mixing, just mysterious water loss but have had to replace radiator as sprung a leak , 2 rubber coolant hoses and metal cooling pipe, but that was 6 months ago and no leaks since though top hose does feel quite hard.

I bought Steel seal and it should arrive on Wednesday or so. I have read different ways of how to apply it.

I have a few questions.

1. My car does not haver a radiator cap so should I pour it into header tank or pour it down a radiator hose ?

2. should I flush cooling system prior to use ?

3. should I remove thermostat ( or should I leave it on so as car can reach op temp ? )

4. should I begin with hot engine or cold ?

5. how long to leave engine ticking over for until turn off and then how long to leave cold afterward before re-starting it ?

thanks all and please answer as many questions as you can.
Who make it as different formulations require different methods of application.

The people who make it are from

I bought some steal seal, I want to use it within next few days. My car currently just has tap water so I need to drain the water and am going to refill with antifreeze, I bought antifreeze today, it is Anti-Freeze + coolant in 1. I am not sure if it contains water ?

On the steal seal it claims not to be compatible with waterless antifreeze. if this antifreeze is waterless would it be okay to just add tap water to it ?


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