How to plan and build a turbocharged engine


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GBS Zero Zetec 2.0l
All, currently I have a GBS Zero 7esq kit car with a stock zetec 2.0 with iTB's and a type 9 gearbox. My plan for this coming winter is to take a st170 and turbo charge it and mate it to a Mazda gearbox. I'm hoping to achieve around 300hp.

Here's the rub. I'm a complete newbie at turbo charging and engine building. The reason for mentioning the above set up is for cost mainly and having read lots of successful conversions of others.

Any help in type of engine build, turbo, cooling, gearbox etc would all be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance, Craig
Your first job is to decide where you want the power and what the torque curve is going to be. The gearbox gearing will have a bearing on this. Choose a turbo which gives the delivery you want. Why not source an RS turbo charged engine and drop this in? It will save a lot of trial and error tweaking.

If you are experienced in mechanical work then enjoy the project and feel free to post up lots of questions and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

If you are not experienced then I urge you to find out exactly what you're getting into, but still feel free to ask questions. Adding a turbo is a major piece of engineering work. Compression ratios and fuelling and timing have to be spot on. Have you read our articles on adding a turbo, they give a good overview of the scope of your project.
Indeed, words of wisdom. I've read through the articles on this site and found them of interest if not more advanced than me. That said, I have always been willing to learn. Sometimes time I just need a prod in the right direction.

Thought about the rs route but wanted newer. I thought about the st170 as it has a forged bottom end. It's the variable valve timing which I need to sort - keep it or leave it. If I leave it any ideas?

The gearbox is none too difficult either - plenty of kits around.

Turbo? This is where I'm most likely going to lose it. I guess this is where I'm going to need the most help.

Thanks, Craig

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