How To Help My 4 Banger! (98 Wrangler)


Jeep Wrangler
So I have a 98 4 Cyl Jeep Wrangler, I love it and it is my pride and joy.
It crawls just fine but ever since I put 12.5 inch wide toyos on it, it seems I have to wrap it to the nuts to keep up with the rest of the world.

What I think I want to do is Turbo charge it... now before you bash on turboing a 4 cyl jeep, hear me out.

Why I think I want to:
-Cheeper than an eng swap (if I did swap I would go with a V8)
-Better MPG
-Seems wrong to swap eng
-Better than Supper Charging (right?)
-Different than everybody else

Why I think I don't:
-Cause harm to eng
-not worth it?
-where to find the right turbo
-How it will affect "jeeping"???
-Will it make a big enough differenc?

Obviously I need help. Please give any suggestions you may have and any helpful info. Im not sure what I want so I need some serious help. Im pretty mech savy but turbos are totally out of my league.

If you think its the dumbest idea ever, please give better suggestions :D

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