How to get the cheapest car insurance.


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It seems that when it comes to car insurance there are winner and then there are losers. We will take a look at some of the factors used to calculate the premium and hopefully give a few ideas and insights on how to get the cheapest car insurance deal you can. Insurers work in a similar way across the world but this article has been written based on 14 years of experience working within the UK insurance industry.

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Adding an older female certainly helps on my car. The cars registered to me, I am the policy holder, and I am listed as the main drivers - so there is no deception.. but simply by listing my mother as a named driver, does take off about £250/year!

Little do the insurance company know, the only time she drove the car, she floored it to see what it was like, shut her eyes and screamed!
My father in law's insurance nearly halved when he added me as a named driver so there is some merit in doing this as long as there's no confusion as to who the main driver is.

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