How to avoid engine knock and pinging


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So what exactly is engine knock and how dangerous is it? What causes engine knock and how can it be avoided? You may notice a knocking or rattling noise from your engine or a sudden loss of power under full throttle. Immediately back off the throttle and only use low rpm engine speeds until you can get the engine investigated. The chances are that you are suffering from a condition known as "engine knock".

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Sounds like a small metal chain chinking.

Has been linked with overheating.

You can test your knock sensor by tapping the block with a hammer while the engine is idling.

That's all my knocking knowledge depleted.
I used to do the hammer test with my 2.0 Montego in the late 1980s. Not that you'd hear any rattle from the engine as the rattles from the rest of the car would obscure them. Bit like my Passat really :)
Knock is detonation that can result from a too lean tune/map or from hot spots in the combustion chamber that cause pre ignition which can result in severe engine damage if not rectified ASAP. A hot spot can also make the engine run on for a while after turning off the ignition .

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