How loud do you play your Music?


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How loud do you play your music then? A difficult one to quantify but lets say if you pull up outside your house, how many neighbours can hear what you are playing?

I tend to crank the volume up when I go for a fun drive but for serious commuting I keep the radio volume down a bit more.
it all dippends what kind of mood im in really.. some times i like it so loud that its all i can hear. other times i like it not so loud so i can hear the engine.
Generally I have it turned up as far as I can without it sounding distorted. I turn it down when I'm driving late at night or when I have a passenger.
depends on how fast im going. if im going through town or near houses i turn it down a notch, but going down the bypass/motorway its usually maxed out. Or if i'm showing off :D
I have my moments. Lot of the time I listen to Radio 4 (it's my age!) but sometimes I wind up the CD volume. And it's loud! The factory fit JBL amps/speakers are pretty good.
Used to play it loud round our house till the neighbours kept complaining so now i keep it down, put going through towns i pla it quite loud and on the motorway its very loud.
Vol 29 lol pretty loud it also depends if its on motorway loud as it is nice to listen to. on my own very loud with people in the car pretty quiet so i can talk !
its all good any music as long as it gor a fantastic bass line is ain my system slamming mattert what time of the morning it is lol
as loud as it can go with no distortion and thats why I live waaay out in the country so if my neighbors can hear it 1/4 mile away , I know its loud enough!
No too far inland to create those! Now if i was on the coast them i might consider the possiblility, but i am too far inland for hurricanes. Now tornados are the times i really crank it up!!!!!
i keep it up wen i see a lovly lady ;) .. buh i keep my music no lover than 20 if got it flaunt it i say
Loud enough to hear over the road noise, also loud enough to have to turn it down when coming into my road. Although tbf the system isn't going to win any sound offs! :lol:
I'll be honest here. If my son isn't in the car it's normally always pretty damn loud. The cab is louder though when the roof is down. ;):bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:
And it will be even louder when a put the component speakers in and maybe a nice sub. ;)
im only a youngster so i wont be getin much good engine noise with the cars im with .... buh once i get a decent engine with sum decent engine noises then ima turn it down maybe from 28 to 27 well see hmmmm hahahah
couldnt tell you know, Head unit itself in the boot but its set to 28. other control is through the carputer that sits around 50%. but now im more like Loz its only loud enough to cover the road noise. if the windows open its slightly louder to cover the turbo whine
Pioneer DEH-P85BT Bluetooth/MP3/iPod Head Unit
2 x 2000W Class D Amps with Volume control (cant remember the make)
2 x 2000W Subs (again cant remember make)

so pretty loud lol

Normally 15 is enough to hear it and have a conversation
30 makes my main + side mirrors vibrate
50 is too much and makes my head hurt lol
if i go over 20 with the windows wound up it blows the back window out im in my fortys and i love pulling up at the lights next to some small hatchback with its bass going and cranking mine up and blowing there doors off !! lol
louder the better :)

normally have to play it at a respectable level when baby is in the back (even though the only thing that normally gets her to sleep when she is grumpy is loud music lol)

but when its just me its turned up LOUD LOUD LOUD
It really depends on my mood but most the time i have the sound up loud enough for any car near me to hear or at least feel the bass. I never have the sound up when I'm near my house though i don't want my subs and amp stolen again.
LOUD, d&b/dubstep is pointless listening to without at least 2kw of subwoofer.

AC/DC can never be loud enough unless you are already deaf.
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