How important is it to have music in your car?


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For me it's as essential as remembering my phone & wallet, I've almost made myself late on occasions just because I've not got any music prepared for the car, I'm that bad! :embarrest::lol:

I suppose if I had a glorious V8 or a mental 9800 rpm V10 (a la LFA) then I might be able to live without my tunes!

So what about you? :bigsmile:
I didn't notice until I was in a car where the radio didn't work and I hated it. It only took a few days for me before I got a new radio.
I've had portable stereos on the passenger seat in the past, just so I got some tunes! :lol:

Must've been a punchy one - Somehow I imagine that the Talon R's general designed philosophy is based around 'go' rather than being the noise abatement society's best buddy.
Ha ha! No it wasn't the in Talon, it was in a ancient Nova I bought when I just started my current job. I wasn't going to get paid for nearly two months & I needed some cheap transport, a mate who works at a dealership took the car in as a part ex. It had 12months MOT & tax but no stereo I bought it for a £1. :bigsmile:
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I've had portable stereos on the passenger seat in the past, just so I got some tunes! :lol:

ive done this pmsl. imy very first car was a fiesta with no bit in the centre consul for a radio. went thru some batteries i can tell you.
my mate wrote off his xr2 then, new dash please lol.
Always have my tunes on, bit of Metallica, Disturbed or AC/DC

But if I had something that sounded rather nice like a TVR I would just through the radio away

Problem is though, different music can change your driving style, like when I'm listening to all my heavy metal it makes more no edge and I want to drive faster,

Whereas if I put some Andy Mckee on (he's a great musician I would advise anyone to search for him on youtube and listen to his work) I tend to be more relaxed
The audio setup in my E39 (which was, as I've previously stated, an emergency purchase) is not really up to playing music to my liking.

It's loud enough in a weedy kind of a way, and it's adjustable enough to be usable, but it does not play music to me in the way I like music to be played to me. It just reproduces sounds really.

Wife has a bunch of CDs in the boot mounted changer and she's happy with it totally.

So I just dial in 93.9 MHz and use BBC Radio 4 to accompany me on solitary journeys.
Can't complain about the stereo in the Focus. It's nothing special by any means but for a standard setup it is very good indeed.
Crisp clear sounds and it's pretty loud too.
Yeah my stereo isn't quite to my liking at the moment, don't know weather to seek professional help on this one and I don't have th luxury of testing loads of audio equipment
Tunes are a must, my cd player doesn't work properly but have a tape player so dug out all my old tapes found some wkd stuff. Silverchair - Frogstomp and Lit - A place in the sun on one tape excellent music.:lol:
When I imported the car it had a professional ice install including seperate amp etc but I hardly ever listen to it.

Prefer the sound of a straight six through the 4 inch exhaust especially when the turbos kick in.
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