How do you judge a man


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Do you judge a man, or woman from what they drive or the way that they drive it? :confused: (I know it's almost a Zen question but it might be interesting!)
i must admit yes i do judge people by what car they drive, not so much how they drive it though

for example, someone racing around in a 106 with a massive exhaust, i will judge them as a chavvy boy racer. got a couple of mates who have pimped 106s who do a lot of racing so that might be what leads me to that conclusion

steriotyping has a lot to do with it i think, and who you know who has that car etc they all influence your opinion
Its impossible not to form an opinion from the car itself because vehicles are such an emotional purchase.

But of course this is only tells half the story, because you can't accurately judge a book by its cover. I guess the choice of car is an introduction to judgment, but the standard of driving seals my estimation.

And kudos for including women in the question. Perhaps it is a tad sexist, but as a bloke I always find myself more impressed by seeing an interesting and/or well driven car, if said car is driven by a female - be it grandmother or teenager.
I NEVER judge people from WHAT they drive, I judge people from HOW they drive.

For Example

Teenager drives his Mustang ( what ever car it is ) like a maniac drifting through a roundabout ( is that right ? )

Crashes in to a pole and wrecks the car

that man = stupid a**ho**

Man in his twenties drives his Mustang/Porsche/Corvette/Camaro ( whatever the car is )

on a TRACK drifting through corners and spinning the car like a crazy person

that person = good driver


The driver who drifts on a track will both keep him and the car unwrecked ( if he goes off the track grass and sand will accept him )

The driver drifting on a roundabout wrecks his car and maybe him self !

Am I making any sense ?
Bit of both, from looking round here though most of them are all chavvy racers bar the odd few , no matter what they drive a van or a 106. most blokes like to show off.
In some cases it would be a bit of both. Some cars have the stigma attached and in 99% of the cases the driver never fails to prove me wrong as they go hand in hand.

In most cases I can judge a driver in how they follow a car in front or indeed how they drive behind me. You can also gauge this by how they use the road, maintain the correct speed for the road conditions, use of road, cornering and positioning etc. Nothing worse than following a car on an empty road and seeing them brake for no reason. Some cars/drivers you encounter you can tell right away to give them a clear berth, either back off or get past them at the earliest opportunity.

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