How badly scratched are your alloys


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2002 Clio 172
Are your alloy rims badly scratched?

It's the bane of my life, hitting the kerb and ruining my lovely wheels. I seem to be always sending them off for refinishing and tidying up.

Is it just me?

Do those plastic rim protectors work? any other ways to protect your alloy wheels from Kerb damage?
Since I dropped my 18's and "roll with 17's" now there is very little damage. I washed the car last weekend and really inspected them and all I have is a minor chip on one edge after nearly 2 years of driving.
My daughter is OCD about her wheels and she refused to drive 1 of their BMW's when her hubby kerbed a wheel on "her"car said that she doesn't want people thinking that she is a s##t driver and quickly had the mobile wheel repair man refurbish them ASAP.
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