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Hi there!
Great site, great forum, congrats to all!
I have a 1996 Honda Prelude that is totally untuched as far as tunning is concerned, it is all factory made. The engine has 110K killometers and it is in excellent condition (regularly serviced at Honda).
I want to start tunning it and I need help. My idea is to start modestly and built it over time. The question is where to start...
I am kind of confused, perhaps because I am new to the tunning world, as far as compatibility of different elements is concerned. For example, i would like to fit a new airintake system (Fujita seems interesting) but then I am not sure if that would match a turbo that I would like to put latter on.
So, if any of you guys has the time to help I would really appreciate the advise!
Where to start? Exaust system? Air intake? Valves or other engine work? Perhaps a step by step list would be the best if anyone could share it.
Thanks very much in advance!


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I think I remember you saying it was a 2.0. They tend to provide much more low down torque than the smaller engines and all have good tuning potential. Inductions kits generally work quite well as do sports exhausts of 2.5 inches in bore diameter. As the mileage is quite high it is worth getting the engine recondtioned or at least the head. Fitting bigger valves and getting it gas flowed would also be a good idea.

Due to the nature of these big engines I would not recommend a turbo application due to the internal engine modifications that would need to be applied, but mild supercharging is still beneficial. CAMS would also have a good impact on the performance of these engines, but as the gains are much bigger than with the smaller engines fuel uprating becomes vital or you run the problems of running too lean.

Temperature control is vital as the larger cylinders produce and hold a lot of heat. Ensure your cooling system is up to spec and use water wetter to raise the boiling point of the coolant.

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