Honda L15BE Turbo engine


Honda L15BE engine
Brand new to this forum, so please bear with me.
I have a Honda L15BE turbo in my plane and I am having a starting problem. First some history...

This is an experimental aircraft, Wittman Tailwind W10, and I had been flying off the hours in my phase I test plan. I had an incident on landing this past September when the nose wheel collapsed and lots of damage. The engine was shutdown, actually shut itself off after ruining my prop and other things.

To bring forward, I have done all the repairs and today I was now able to try an engine start after all the work accomplished. Engine turns over, oil pressure comes up on cranking, I have fuel pressure of 45Lbs to engine. No hint of ignition. Now I am clueless as to the Honda engines and I am looking for some suggestions on how to troubleshoot this engine. New spark plugs? How to check for fuel delivery with high pressure pump?, how to check spark with the imbedded coils and plugs?

Any thoughts on how to approach this? Anyway, thanks for reading


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