honda civic ek b16a intake manifold and throttle body


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Hi I have a ek with a b16a sir Jdm swap into it and this week I have bought a skunk2 intake manifold and a skunk 2 70 mm throttle body and I'm about to install them . will I need a tune for these or everything is alright ? will there be an disadvantages to this mod? the car at the moment is a stock motor with aftermarket exhaust manifold, better spark plug wires , stage 3 clutch, lightened flywheel and still on factory fuel. I just want to know if it is going to be safe to run these without a tune and if they will give any decrease in performance. pls help
I am only a recent convert to Honda Civics BUT and improving the performance of any petrol IC motor starts with increasing the inlet and exhaust flows along with the ignition system as you outlined |B

Your mods are a good start to getting a performance increase and to get the absolute best result I would recommend that you find a reputable tuner with a dyno and have it tuned / remapped. Hopefully you already have a HONDATA or other programmable EMS / Computer.

If you do please post the before and after results as it will add to the TC knowledge base and be helpful to others starting out with their cars.

PS I would advise using a thermal inlet manifold gasket as it will help reduce heat transfer from the head and reduce inlet air temperatures for an extra HP
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To get the best out of any mod it should be setup and tuned. But the standard civic Map is quite flexible and will trim and alter fuel and air to get the best power output, you may end up with a bottom end flatspot with those mods though as the engine will probably run a little to rich on tickover.
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