Honda Civic D16Z6 Turbo build

Let me start a small topic. It is a Honda Civic EK with engine swap.
I am currently putting together a D16Z6 turbo engine. I would like your opinion and advice :)
I will use - D16A6 engine block (same as D16Z6)
- D16Z6 engine head
- Chinese turbo copy of Garrett 3071r
- Vitara pistons
- Speed Factory long connecting rods
-ARP bolts for connecting rods and engine head
-Edelbrock intake manifold
- throttle valve fi 70mm
-injectors 750cc
-Walbro 255 fuel pump
- stock fuel rail
-XTD stage 4 clutch kit
-oil cooler 12 rows
- aluminum water cooler
-I'm thinking about MegaSquirt V2 or Hondata S300
-ACL Oil pump High performance (if I can find one, out of production)
And some other parts, so I won't list every little thing...

I'm curious if anyone has matched that engine with that turbine? The engine head remains OEM, nothing changes on it (valves, springs, etc.). My goal is to get 300-350HP. If anyone has any recommendations or advice, I would love to hear them. Also if anyone has a recommendation for some LSD for the gearbox.

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