Honda accord

hello people, after many requests im putting up my 1998 facelift honda accord:p

it has xenon headlights 6000K.
custom Clarion NX501 radio/dvd/navigation.
custom rear compo speakers Mohawk MP 6.2 250watts max/125watts RMS
doorhandles, mirrorcasings, sidebumper and sideskirts in matching color with the rest of the car.
and a cleaned rear hatch

next up is replacing the frontspeakers, and prolly some new wheels. but that will be some other time.


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tweeter casings are DIY btw. i made them from aluminium but i need to take some material of them. and make them a little shorter.
thanks people :D:D. what kind of wheels should i put under them?

im thinkink of matte black fishished, or really bright colored like green or gold. with a polished inner.

like 5 or 6 spokes. im lookin for a pair of second hands. Try this, will give you a good idea of what to get. Are you going for the same size rims and tyres you have on now? Good luck, took me over six months to get what made me happy most, this task is complicated by personal flavour, wheel size, pcd, price and offsets.
im lookin for 16 or 17 inchers. Upto aprox 300euro. And preferrable multiple offsets, so they are more easy to sell, or i have a better chance of re using them
Oh ok, just match up your offsets too, ex: if the offset of the rim is too small it will stick out past the guards and may put excessive strain on your bearings and suspension and some serious guard work will be required, too big and they may not fit in numerous ways and will need spacers to be corrected. And take into consideration the rolling diameter when you choose the profile of the tyre.
Any questions just ask. Good luck and please post the phodies when you done.
ohh i wont buy anything before may/june :p. its just really dramatic to find anything for my type of car. honda accords arent very popular around here. i do see more porsches than my type of accord for some reason. i wanted to buy privacy shades, but they arent even produced for my car. wheels are a drama cause only small cars have the same Pcd stutt patterns. wich also have smaller wheels.

ill just keep lookin for some 16 or 17 inchers with the same external diameter of complete wheel with tyres. so the speed and actual kilometer wont be off scale to much.
hmm indeed that is usefull ! thanks:D i cant wait till i got some cool wheels:D.

i think ill buy a new airfilter later this month.

and im lookin for some tinted windows. but thats quite expensive :(
^^^ Don't go to mad on the window tints buddy, it's not until you are driving around at night, then you realise what hard work they really are :blink:
hmm, might keep m clear. i think it aint worth it anyway.

does any of you guys know if its hard to change dashboard and gauge lights?

Couse i want to match my dashboard/gauges with my radio. im lookin for some blue LED's
hmm,, problem is im in the netherlands:p im lookin if its hard to remove the dashboard so i get acces to the lights. the lightbulbs shouldnt be a problem:)
Yes I can see that you are in the Netherlands, reading comes quite easy to me ;) It costs nothing to look and see what the delivery charges might be.

Example! I ordered a small car camera from Hong Kong which was cheaper delivered than it was if I bought it here in the UK.

The moral of that story is: don't assume it and fact find it first :lol:
haha, i found some in the netherlands:p i just hope it isnt a hell to change them. and my dimmer on the gaugelights is working afterwards, cause when i drive in the dark i always put them on a low lvl, so it wont annoy me
Well the LED's I have inside my Saab all work on the dimmer and on the fade out dimmer as well with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

The best of luck buddy :)
I have heard of this but I have never used the product. Try using the search facility in our Help section near the top of the page to see if any of our members have used it before and with what success.
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