Honda Accord Type-V (2001)



I own an Accord Type-V, auto, which comes complete with a 2.3L F23Z5 engine.

I don't have any particular problem with the car, however it seems impossible to get any sort of info on the engine itself, let alone any possible mods.

I believe the engine as standard puts out around 150bhp , achunk of which is absorbed by the auto gearbox and the rest has to pull a fairly heavy car.

It'll usually surpass it's equivalents, but still leaves me feeling that there could me a better balance if a few more BHP could be wrung out of her.

Ideally about a 30-50BHP increase would be ideal, but finding any info on where to start seems impossible.

The quick fix would be a nitrous kit, but this would be my last resort as I'm after a more balanced response rather that short bursts of high power. A turbo or supercharger would be ideal, but I don't fancy being the guinea-pig and certainly don't have the bank balance to go the trial and error route.

If anyone can provide any more info on the engine or available performance enhancements, please post here, or if you know of another application that uses the F23Z5 engine that would provide me with new avenues to explore.


For unusual and rare engines sometimes you have to go the custom route. Have a chat with Piper cams or Kent cams - they will be able to re-grind your cams to a fast road spec. To get more power have you considered a rebore and larger pistons or fitting a stroker kit - an engine speicialist will be able to advise on the options as this depends on the block dimensions and the unique block characterisics after running a stress and fatigue test.

A bit of head flow work while the cams are out and switching to bigger valves will also gain you some more power.

The gearbox is always a problem - they are built for cruising. Do you fancy fitting a manual box - Quaife can set up some custom cogs - lower ratio 1,2,3 will give improved acceleration. It's interesting that honda went to a 2.4 in their type S instead of tuning the 2.3. With an engine of that size you should be getting near to 200bhp without breaking a sweat. It depends how much work you want to do and how far you want to go with it.

Thanks for the reply.

I don't really intend to do major engine alterations, as unless you are willing to go all out you are likely to change the power delivery characteristics for the worse. Also, I'd like to be able to revert to stock, should the need arise in the future.

I'm more interested in a bolt on (he says simplistically) supercharger or turbo, the supercharger would probably be the easiest route to the sort of power gains I'm after. Trouble is because of the auto box it would require a piggy back computer to drive it.

I could change to a manual gearbox, in one hit this would drop the (manufacturers stated) 0-60 from 10.1 to around 7 secs, but I kind of like the auto box as I do a lot of motorway cruising, just need the extra power to make it feel more spirited when I poke my toe down.

I agree, Honda's decision to go with a 2.4 instead of the 2.3 or 2.2 (Type R) engines are a little baffling, but I'm sure it makes sense to someone.

The best option i think would be to sink in a Honda rebuild (for power and boost, so turbocharged) engine and manual transmission. Then keep the current units safety at home. These modded engines do not last as long. You may have to go back to your stock engine if the project one fails or you don't fancy the power anymore.

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