Honda Accord alarm light stays on


honda accord
Hi I am new to the forum and want to buy a little runner from a neighbour. It is 1999 Honda Accord ES Auto 1997cc petrol and the alarm light is constantly on and won't come off. How do I get off before I have to purchase this car. I appreciate knowing before as my neighbour is very nice but I will have to leave it if I can't get it off. Thanks
Sorry buddy I have only just seen this. On some Honda cars it is a sign that either the battery in the alarm unit is dead or you have a short in the circuit that the alarm does not like. Have a look at the main alarm unit first usually under the bonnet somewhere. These should be self-contained which means it has an inbuilt battery inside to sound the alarm should a thief cut your main car battery cable. On this unit there should be a key switch on the back of the unit which you can switch off if the car is going in for a service etc.

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