High Performance Engines

No such animal.

Each car is different - engine bay space can dictate engine size and configuration.

Connecting engine to transmission and axle has to be a consideration, are the parts available or have they got to be designed and fabricated?

Are you looking for straight line speed or handling, as engine choice can make one hell of a difference.

We all have our favourites based on our experiences and preferences. You won't get a consensus here :)

Look at what other people have used successfully in your preferred car, this would be a very good place to start.
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The big boys play with the RB30 block from the Skyline. But you need a pretty big engine bay to fit it in.

The Audi 1.8T is good for around 300-400bhp. The Supra engine can handle pretty massive power.

As OG says it depends on which car you want to put it in. Inline and Transverse mounts cannot be easily swapped round. Gearbox choice is also important.
If your asking for your mx5?
Then I would suggest the 2ltr cosworth like og has!
Infact read og's 2 elan threads and take as much inspiration from them as possible;)
different enthusiasts prefer different engines, the Ford boys like the Cossie YB or the much sought after BDA|BDT, Toyota guys like the 4A-GE twin cam, Nissan blokes like the RB..... engines, for your MX-5 i like the idea of putting a twin turbo Rotary engine from the RX-7, 1.3ltr with 300bhp not many like that come in such small packages
Ooooh, see if you can find a 26b and strap a turbo to it. That would be very much with the evil-ness. If you don't mind making a deal with the devil to obtain one.

If you can't find one, a 20b out of a mazda cosmo will thoroughly suffice, a nice turbo and you're set.
the 26b quad rotor engine is still on sale from mazdaspeed!! 15 years after it was first offered by mazda themselves, so no deals with the devil needed just a shed load of moolah :lol::lol:

there is one in here producing over a 1000bhp with twin turbo's!
standing 1/4 in 7.22secs (and yes MA it's rear wheel drive :p)

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