High Compression Pistons


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Oahu, Hawaii
1995 Honda civic Ex
I am looking into changing out my pistons, I was wondering what the best brand would be to change to..
My budget is around a grand.
Wiseco pistons and CP pistons are the brands I've found most recently..
engine D16z6
Hello mate.

When some of my old mates did something similar to their hondas, all they did was remove the head and have it skimmed a good wack and that will raise the compression ration and works out cheaper. Just dont skim too far as it will knacker the engine but there is a good safe limit you can do.
I don't want my stock pistons in anymore. Plus if I'm redoing the engine..I minus well change out the parts. Thanks though, but if you would know of the better brands for High Compression Pistons, I would appreciate it. :) Thanks though.
Can't skim the head too far though because of the valves. You say a grand, is that a thousand US dollars? That's a lot of money for just 4 pistons. JE are regarded as excellent.
Yes 1,000 US dollars. No I do not intend to spend all, that is the range I am in for them. Recently I have seen pistons for around 800 US dollars.
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