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hid relays

Discussion in 'Technical forum' started by Yugguy, 18 March 2017.

  1. Yugguy

    Yugguy Torque King

    Rugby (expat Preston lad)
    Merc C220Cdi Elegan
    So fitted hid kit today, canbus friendly. Lights OK with ignition on, go off after 5 secs with engine running. No errors so I think it is under volts so ballasts are shutting off. Could fit a relay but then would there not be bulb failure cos no power or connection sensed on the original connectors?
  2. T9 man

    T9 man TC Pro Founder Moderator

    London, UK
    Saab 9-3SS T9
    Are the fuses still intact Guy? You could fit a relay but in all honesty, with HID's on, if one fails I think you will notice. Are the ballasts definitely for the right lamps? Double check the wiring on the ballasts. Some versions have 3 connections, one to go to the headlight supply and act as a switch line, the other is a heavier feed to go from higher current source, the other is the earth. Try using another earth from the car as opposed to the one on the lighting connector.

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