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Hi, my name is Peter and i just thought i'd join your forum to read a bit more about modification... I'm (soon to be) driving a Golf GTI mk2. Just bought it for £150, its got a dent in the back from a previous owner but on the way home the top half of the engine siezed while my dad was driving it, i didn't even get a go in it :(
As my dad is an engineer, we've been working on it at home, so far just exposed the camshaft and thats ok, so its probably a bent valve or something with a piston or both.
Thats it for now, i'll keep you updated if anyone's interested,
Hi Pete - bad luck there (Was he thrashing it?) I really like the MK2 golf - sounds like you got a bargain as long as the repair is not too expensive. Might be worth getting some head work done and going for big valves and gas flow while the head is off.
Hi pete, welcome.

Those Mk2 Golf's a lovley cars, my personal favorite out of all the golf's. have you got the 8 or 16 valve lump in yours?
Welcome Pete, yeh is yours the OHC or DOHC?, as far as i can remember the 16v's are quite rare arn't they?
He was driving it max of 60mph and in low revs on the way home, it siezed when he was going about 40. Its the 8v one (lucky as i wanted that one) and i'll probably only be making big mods once i'm out of uni as i don't really have money for extra petrol/mod costs at the moment... the insurance will be the biggest killer :shock:
Got the car after reading around and i liked what i read, it was either going to be a peugeot 205 GTI, 106 GTI or golf GTI mk2. Whats OHC/DOHC bad63r? I'm pretty new to all this, learning along the way (quite a lot considering my dad is just showing me what to do and i'm doing it all :lol: ) Not sure about 16v being rare, but getting any golf gti for £150 is pretty rare i would have thought, hehe.
DOHC = Double Over Head Cam otherwise known as Twin Cam
SOHC = Single Over Head Cam or Single Cam

8v and 16v refers the the amount of valves in the cylinder head. On a VW a DOHC engine will have 16 valves (16v) and has 4 valves per cylinder. A SOHC will have 8 valves (8v)

The better engine outof the two is suprisingly the 8 valve (I await to be shot down for that) as it is far ore tuneable than the 16 valve. For sure the 16 valve is probablt better as a standard engine but you can't pay with it much.
Ah, thanks. Yeah, i prefered to get the 8v instead of 16v because i've reoccuringly read that it has more low rev torque and is more fun to drive. Also, lower petrol use is a bonus for me as i will be paying for all this with my overdraft :D

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