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Milton keynes
audi A4 1.8 sport
Hi peeps, new to the forum and looking for some advice on making my 2010 A5 cabriolet 3.0 tdi faster looking forward to getting some help.
Hi and welcome to TC forums
A simple remap is your easiest option. If you want to take it further Turbo upgrades along with intercooler, injectors and intake work is all possible. Search for Darkside Development for info from the VAG engine gurus
Carlos that's good advice from Andy and may I add that if you are really wanting more power than that can give then the internals will almost certainly need upgrading to forged pistons and rods.
Most VW TDI engines use forged pistons, rods and cranks anyway. Much as I dislike VW products the engines themselves are pretty well designed.
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