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Mike Star

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Blue Mts NSW
Baleno 1.8i GTX Sed
Hi there,
Just joined today.
I share a Suzuki Baleno with my daughter. Its a white debadged and lowered GTX 5 speed manual with full body kit and 16 inch BSA wheels with 205/45 tyres. Its a neat little car and not many people seem to know what it is. My daughter is always getting asked about it.
I'll put a couple of pics on the gallery. Let us know what you think.
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Nice to have you along! Look forward to seeing the pictures (You need a minimum of 10 posts though to upload pictures but if you have them online already just submit a thread and I'll authorise the post to make it appear.) - Sorry its a bit complicated but we had some nasty spam which spoils things for the rest of us.

Please watch this on my YouTube channel & Subscribe.