Hi I have just Joined and would like to stay hi to all porsche nutters

Hello and a warm welcome to the site. It's good to have you with us and the project sounds good.

Are you doing inline or parallel turbos?

Have you looked at a single twin scroll turbo option? Low boost will be good but there is plenty of top end power.
My Thoughts are twin hybrids one each side but not right next to the exhaust manifold, remote positions near new 200 cell cats, decompress engine and beef up the right parts, new twin intercoolers in the boot space at rear with heat fans expelling between or over the intercoolers.air Intakes will be similar to GT2 . However this is the future plans I will take a bit of time this year to enjoy the car in its new body and paint. Must stress I am not an expert and this is the result of asking people.
That sounds like a pretty solid plan to me. What is your power goal?

Do these have direct injection as this will help you avoid detonation at boost?

I hope you post up some pics and create a project thread for us once you get past the 10 post threshold. I think you'll inspire others to push their Porsche boundaries.
don't discount adding water and methonal. I will run both water and innercooler but alot off guys run only one or the other. Remember turbos didn't always have innercoolers.
Hi buddy and welcome, is that a first generation Boxster? I heard a dude was looking for the engine it wasn't neither in front or rear so he claimed his car was engineless LoL

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