Hi guys new user on forum


BMW F20 120d
I would like to introduce my self. I am car guy, like to do on cars and engines. I am here to learn more and find answers to my questions :D
Right now I am driving Bmw 120d F20 as a daily car and looking to upgrade engine for more power :)
Also love old Hondas and currently building one for track days.

I hope that I have presented myself well and that this forum will help me in the future, as well as that I can help someone if I can.
Hello and welcome |B

As you can see I drive and track a 2011 FN2 Civic Type R, so what model Honda are you working on and your plans for it please?

Are Hondas popular in your country ?
Thanks for welcome :)
They used to be very popular, but now not at all. The whole tunig scene is unfortunately getting smaller and smaller. Style prevailed unfortunately...
I'm currently putting together a Civic EK for track days and a Civic ED for OEM vintage cars. I don't know what happened exactly, but the current prices of those cars are not realistic and the support for them is gradually dying out. I guess that is the reason why they are not as popular as they used to be.
FN2 is not popular here, EP3 is the most popular among the typeR family. I could say that the EG is the most popular Civic right now.

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