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mercedes kompressor
My concern is that my merc W203 kompressor has clocked 20k kilometers and a bad bearing noise has started with the supercharger. The mercedes people say it has to be replaced. MY QUESTION is that a product like mercedes has such a short life of its components in its car!!!!!!!!! very suppriseing... Please guide me on this as what should be done.... thank you
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Mercedes are not alone. Most manufacturers have been guilty of using cheap sub standard components from time to time.

Is your car still under warrantee? If so I'd press for a free replacement, especially if the car is still under a year or two old.

The other question to ask is can the supercharger be repaired instead of replaced? This will likely be a lot cheaper and will usually result in a stronger unit.
Hi there!!! I agree with this statement. I had the same issue with my BMW320i. Some of the components didn't last long but fortunately I had the Lambda sensor changed under waranty!!!!
merc arnt exactly well known for their reliability at the minute. if a bearing has went so quickly it must not have been getting proper lubrication. 20k is rather low as i think most supercharger need rebuilt around the 60k mark
keep pushing them and go higher

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