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impreza 1.8gl 4wd
hi to all :) got an impreza 1.8 and wishing to upgrade to wrx sti type ra so has anyone can suggest which one of these would be the best re. price performance reliability and what to look for while buyng
thank to all regards
Hi thanks to all for the warm welcome
Hi there and may I wish you a warm welcome to TorqueCars, it is a pleasure to meet you.

Always check for a full service history. It's crucial on these cars. Does MPG and running costs bother you much?

The road between Rye and Hythe is one of my favourites round here. Especially since they have resurfaced it.

You'll find us a pretty friendly bunch and I'm sure you'll start to love and enjoy the forums as much as we all do.

Feel free to get involved in our other threads, all opinions are welcome and as they say "the more the merrier"!

Keep us up to date with your project as well, we like to see what people are getting up to with their cars.
Thanks for a warm welcome me all ready love this forum even though haven't spent here 24hours and me too love Rye and surroundings as part of my job to go to customers all around the south east of UK five year of beautiful countryside and hope there will be loads more time in the south re car mods would love to do as much as anything got loads of mechanical skills but as always theres a money short.....
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