Hi from Ecuador


Veloster - juke
Hi, and thanks for having me here, I was looking for information on the veloster nav and I came across this forum.
Hi, i am looking for a Way to get more power out of the veloster, so far I have put intake SRI , header and straight pipe, removed all the interior and replace the seats with omp seats, complete roll cage, AC delete, light weight crank pulley, light weight wheels with 205-50-15 federal rsr tires.
Looking for Ecu tune, suspension upgrades, bushings and all that I can get my hands on.
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I was in Bulgaria and Greece last summer. I rented a car. There were no new roads in the car navigator. I was on my way from Sofia to Thessaloniki.
More, what? In that, what has this to do with the topic? Or did you just see the word "nav" in the OP and start talking about satnav? Nav in this instance is talking about the engine type in the OP's Veloster, naturally aspirated.
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