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Rover 220 GSi
Hi all :)

I came across this site while looking for some spings for my Rover 220 GSi, not had it long and it seems the rear o/s spring is shafted, the car is low at the rear o/s and way high at the front n/s

Hopefully you guys can give me a little advice, as im looking to upgrade this car a little in the near future, getting the car level has to be the 1st job though, it looks daft lol
Hi there, I did some time with a 220 GTi and loved it. I bet the rear bushes are shot. They only seem to last a couple of years. Has the subframe at the front been bent? It only takes contact with a kerb to twist these.

Get yourself a full set of shocks and springs and fit these and hopefully the saggy suspension will be sorted unless there is some other alignment issue. Is there any grinding, bumping or squeeks from the suspension?
Thanks, no mate there's no noise from it, i've not really had a propper look to see if anything is bent but the difference stands out a mile away, good thing dads a super mechanic lol, i'll get him to have a look when he has time, I was just going to get a new set of springs but now you say this, I best check nothings bent first, thanks again.

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