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Clio 1.2L 16V
Hey im 19, baught myself a 2004 black renault clio 16v 1.2L, i love it, as soon as i got home i cleaned it inside and out, waxed it, t-cut some of the scratches and im waiting for the colour coded black renault paint to come through and im gonna fill in them unwanted chipped peices of pant! i want it to look brand new!

First on my list is to change the interior as thats what ill be looking at the most lol steering wheel, gauges, gears knob etc, im going with a black and blue theme, plannig on respraying the plastic on the dash and doors with a blue interior spray, and planning on respraying the other plastic parts just plain black.

Sacond I plan to completely clean my brake callipers as they have a small amount of rust on them and paint the callipers either red or blue.....prob red as the blue i think might look a bit wierd.

And third (probobly not last knowing me) i plan on installing a induction kit to help with efficient

so what do you guys think:bigsmile: any help would be really appreciated
May I as the site admin wish you a very warm welcome to TorqueCars. It is really nice to meet you and I hope you'll be spending some time with us over the months to come.
You'll find us one of the friendliest and most helpful car tuning forums around.

Your plans sound awesome. I saw a nice Clio with Lambo doors and a V6 bodykit and this looked awesome.

Do feel free to chip in on our other topics and discussions, we are all here to share our passion for cars. Being friendly and helpful is a forum rule here and I'm sure you'll fit in just fine.
Hello and Welcome.

Glad your happy about your first car. There are pleanty of parts going about that you can stick on it. Just make sure you keep all the original ones as re-sale will be easyer with them.

Im currently working on a photo shoot on Friday for a new magazine which we are looking for styled up cars, modified cars - think 'Pimp my ride' style cars in central South London! We are able to pay a fee for the drivers and cover petrol costs so get in touch if you are free on Friday or if you have any mates whos cars you think we could uset - any style, make or model as long as you think it looks good! Im not 100 percent of times as of yet but it shouldnt take more than an hour on the day.

Hopefully I will hear from you soon!



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