Hey you Volvo Guys.


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Volvo 855R
Hi to you all,
A bit about me and my wagon.
I've had a few Volvos and still got a few but my new "Project" is the 850R Estate or 855 as they are known officially apparently.Its quite a high miler,with 220,000 miles,but for a Volvo it's nothing really high.Its had a lot of tuning upgrades done already,bigger turbo,injectors,exhaust system,brakes and handling pretty much sorted too.
I've come on here for advice and tips as where to go next on the enhancements.
It's going to need forging I think as its at around 300bhp but I fancy more like 350bhp and don't want to blow it to pieces if I can help it.
I'm in the U.K. in the South West area but travel up and down the country,so I'm hoping to find a couple of tuners that are Volvo specific.Ive heard good things about Tim Williams and Shem and would really appreciate any advice or help on who I should hand the brick over to(and my cash I guess) to get "sorted".
Anyway that's me and my little mission.
Any advice will be appreciated,any Volvo haters will be educated ✌
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