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Australia, Gold Coast
Saab 900(92)
Hey, what's up!

I'm P-plate-power-restricted-teen based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I've been driving a 1992 Saab 900 2.1 (non-turbo, obviously) for nearly 2 years now and i'm about to trade the old Saab for another 92, 900. This newer-ish one, however, is a manual, in a much better state of repair and i'm hoping, a great base to do some light modifications to.

I'm really loving the Scania Saab, it's been a love affair inherited from my father at a young age. It'd be great to meet anyone else interested in this car and i'd really appreciate any tips regarding handling performance and possibly any light power improvements.

Again, hello and i'm looking forward to meeting anyone new!
a saab isnt a real common car in Australia but have a look and see if there is an existing forum on this site . If there isnt START ONE

good luck
what for his fist car you got a 2.1 litre, lol over in england you wouldnt get insured lol. welcome mate and hello. one my cousins have just immagrated over to your country, he says his loving it lol

Really, no insurance!? I've got friends driving around in 4 litre V6's with insurance only $100-$200 more than my own. Mind you, i keep the car in my Dad's name to attempt to cut registration costs, and the like.

I'm glad your cousin is enjoying, there's a lot on offer down here.
nope insurance in the uk is unbelievable. can cost £3000 to insure a £500 car for a new driver over here.
new drivers are pretty much limited to sub 1.4s unless they go though parents insurance even then it can be silly prices
Hi there. Im a bit of a SAAB lover too. Not so much the older ones but I like the speed of the newer turbo ones. The speed from 40-80 in one of these big machines is unbeleivable!!! Love it!
Hello there and a very warm welcome to you. Nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your time on here.

We do have a Saab forum so have a read of the threads in there for some ideas on modifications and to see what others are doing.

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