Hexagonal boron nitride as an additive

Topeka, Kansas, USA
1998 Chevy Tahoe
Just realized that one of my happier yet very out-of-band habits hadn't made it here yet. For several years I have been adding one ounce of 2.5-micron HBN to oil changes in my '98 Chevrolet Tahoe. Usually I mix it with one of the quarts of oil. Definite improvement. Feathering the gas instead of a light press. Lots of little engine metal noises vanished. Hadn't done it the last year or so, but did today, and like wow. Very nice indeed.

The last time I tried to find research reports about this, I found just one article, about a much bigger diesel engine, and it gave a ratio that I found roughly approximated one ounce to five quarts, so I have been using it. I Googled it just now, and found a lot more than one article :)

The 2.5-micron is a different challenge. This time around I researched pore size of oil filters (the stuff has to flow right through), and found reports of a wide variety of pore sizes, all of them a lot larger than 2.5-micron except very expensive and rare ones. 10- or 15-micron actually looks like it would be more effective in the pores of steel if there were no filter involved, but I most definitely am not remotely close enough to the engineer needed to even think about it :)

The 2.5-micron HBN to which I have easiest access, by the way, is bullet lubricant on Amazon :) There is at least one or two sources of several different sizes on AliExpress, and I imagine there are a lot of others if one knew more about sourcing it. One nice thing, HBN is non-toxic, women's cosmetics are mostly HBN.
Am always interested in new products or info so it would be interesting if thate was a before and after dyno chart showing any improvements.
Yup, so would I. I can't come close to affording it though. There is a lot of interesting reports out there now. For example:


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