here's the new car

Ok, first impressions . . Very nice :) not built quite as well as the beemer but overall not bad.

The engine (136bhp Diesel) is very responsive and the handling is very impressive. Interior is nice and solid, seats are very comfortable.

Anyway, the photos . . .

It looks very aggressive here !! :amazed:


not bad from side . . .


not sure from the back . .


but I like the interior !!


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lol, yeah, the idea was to get a sensible car so we went to look at the 308 but this was next to it !!

Wayne, the drive is great. Surprisingly nippy. red lines at 5200rpm which I thought was quite good for a diesel ?? (Not taken it there yet though !!)

handles very well.

I'd really like a remap to take it to 180bhp but the lease is for 4 years. Don't know whether to give it back or buy it then. Dilema !
Dude! Sweet!!!

I want that steering wheel (can't have a Momo steering wheel cos after my accident in my Dub, the missus is adamant I keep my airbag :sad2: )
lol !!

You can have the steering wheel but you'll have to give it back in 4 years when the lease is up as it has to be back to standard !! :lol::lol::lol:
i like pug look really nice, just heard the petrols are crap, but since its a diesel, and the reliability, but i guess every cars is like that you just never know when its gonna go!

nice car though, what you gonna do to it apart from a remap?
I'm not too sure what to do with it as it has to be returned to standard after the 4 year lease is up, unless we decide to keep it which is highly unlikely.

If anything, maybe the stereo, although I'm very impressed with it as a standard unit.

Took it for a long spin yesterday. it's nice to drive, very responsive when the turbo cuts in. Pulls very nicely in 6th gear.

I would love to get it chipped but have to decide if it's worth £450 for 4 years . . £400 for remap and £50 at end of 4 years to set it back to standard.
funny reading this thread again 4 years down the line . . just about to give it back !! It's too small for us now as there are 5 of us !!! Nice car though. Been offered to buy it for £6500 which is well cheap. Have put a post on here incase anyone wants it for that, otherwise it'll just be handed back :(
very good ! on a trip to wales for a week including driving while we were there down country lanes etc it averaged 52mpg :D . . On a motorway we could get it up to 60mph+

we've got the caravelle now, remember ? :D

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