heres my baby's

My 1.8 16v Corrado soon to be modded :D

My 1966 VW 13 Window R/H/Drive Deluxe Splitscreen Camper 1 of only 5 13 Window right hookers in the country of which only 2 are on the road and this is 1 of them :wink: shis my pride and joy :wink:
She is lowered,irs'd,running on empi5s,being pushed by a 1600cc motor!

now sponsored! ie gave me £1k to paint her up :wink:

Rainbow fleck paint goes wappy in the sun :D

hopefully see ya around,and look out for me @ the dub shows :wink:


New member

latest look ive done on the raddo now :wink:

Since last post ive added:

1 Reiger rear wing
2 M3 Sideskirts
3 set of 17" BK299's
4 Rear Diffuser
6 Smoked lenses all round
7 Dropped front 40mm
8 one wiper conversion
9 Kamei front eyebrow
10 Rear window lip extension
11 RS Front bumper

to do in next week,strip and tint headlights,and swap grille for badgeless grille :wink:

next on list when im not skint and showseason over,hopefully paint! ice setup!

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