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well i have a 01 130bhp bora with a powerflow exhaust and you can hear a nice sound when you change gear if you know what i mean??? :blink:

but its not that loud someone told me a de-cat wud do the job but one of my friends done that to his golf and it affected his turbo but he said my car mite be able to handle it??? ;)

anyone know what i shud do wit it i need help???????? :confused::confused:
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You wont, in my opinion get much a decent noise from a TDI engine exhaust. I wouldn't use a decat as this affects your emissions and can upset the engine computer, especially on a petrol engine!

Welcome to torquecars, good to have you along by the way! (A small nag, please avoid txt message speech, it winds up a lot of our members.;))
hey and welcome to the site.
has the bora been mapped ?

your lucky as you can decat the diesels without much issue (no emissions tests) really all you will find is spool up is alot quicker and slightly more power
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