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Hey guys

Been a while and hope all the usual members are okay? I've been absent from the forum, I think now; for over a year! I do apologise! Been busy.

Anyway, I bought another R56 after my last relationship ended (Was 2 months away from Marriage!! - Phewww lol) Had it now for nearly 8 months and has come along way.

Well, I ended up bidding on a set of brand new coilovers on eBay for 100 notes (he spelt the listing wrong so noone bid on it), a brand called Maxspeedingrods (make decent forged conrods apparently) I fitted them and here is where things get fun... NOT.

Ive got a terrible knocking on the rears - Now, my preload and springs were left from the factory, fitted them but they were really bouncy, to a point where it was unsafe.

Took them out, increased preload tightened spring rate (still bouncy but the preload is alot stiffer which has made a huge improvement but then I got a hidious knock from both rear coilovers.

Should I decrease preload and increase spring rate so the spring is stiffer? I have checked drop links and they are not touching nor knocking as the car knocks stationary, pushing on the rear boot floor. The knocks come from spring/top mount - That or i haven't tightned the top mount enough.

My theory is that, the coilovers are setup from factory with the cars full kerb weight in mind, I have stripped all seats and got some ultra light weight bucket seats in, after weighing the car, I have saved around 55kg!!

Any suggestions welcome (Yes, I know they are cheap but had very good reviews and got them for 100 quid haha)



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A softer spring will reduce bounce, the damping also needs adjusting. Are you running much of a drop on them? I'd only go around 35mm max on these.

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